A Poem by You!-The Fremont Fair Poetic Collaboration

Wow. I am so excited about how many people participated in Writer’s Cramp’s first Collaborative Poem. There are some truly beautiful images, and I love that the poem moves from sweet to longing, and from whimsy to pensive. Note how well the last line closes the piece. It was completely unintentional! It just happened to be the last line written before I rolled up the canvas to pack up at the end of the day.

Wonderful, too, was talking to and getting to know a few of you. I especially loved learning about your interests in writing and hearing how many of you wrote for yourselves.

All in all, it was a complete success, and I look forward to staging another collaborative writing project soon. (Bumbershoot!)

Without further ado, your words:

Let! the Sun Shine

The Frost gone,

the rain splashes gently growing trees

our heart are warm and full…

My face gets wets I catch the ball

And in the stillness of the solstice I stop

to hear the sound of your footsteps approaching softly

against the sunny pavement! Oh, summer.

We love your warm caresses

Pots and lids of honey morning dew SPILT

Fun for everyone who doesn’t get hurt.

Press on regardless

The end is the beginning of something new

That something is breakfast…fruit loop pancakes!

Hurry before I give in and eat something else!

Eat something else–Like an Elephant–Yikes!

But save some berries for me.

Berries are the sweetest when gathered at dawn

A full moon Champagne Sunset lights my darlings eyes.

I must avert my gaze before our eyes

Get lost in each other’s stare

Just the blue haze of memories between us

Lasting long enough till autumn comes

And then floundering two bits in the careless wind of time

Winter is almost here, feel the breeze far and near

So soon the sun becomes less and less and the evening flame dies too soon.

-Authored by Linh, Bob, GM, Scott, Tom, Kateri, Terrance, Julianne, Rose, Moreah, Chantra, Chris West, Ashish Singru, Ani SeShetler, Lauren Marshall, and a few anonymous authors.

In the meantime, keep checking the Fremont Abbey website (www.fremontabbey.org) blog and Twitter feed (@Writerscramp1). There are more projects in the works! Stay tuned.


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