Collaborative Poem 2.0 @ ZOO Tunes/Round 62 This Sunday, 7/18

Back by popular demand, the Collaborative Poem will make another appearance at the Zoo Tunes/Round 62 concert this Sunday, July 18 at the Woodland Park Zoo. I will be at the Fremont Abbey tent on the meadow with a bagfull ‘o Sharpies, a swatch of canvas, and good ol’ Norton Anthology of Poetry (for inspiration).

As before, I will publish it, along with all the authors who participated here on the blog (see the last one at the link below.)

AND at Fremont Universe (see the link below for an article about the last one)

AND on the Fremont Abbey Facebook page, or anywhere else that will publish it. 🙂 (@CityArts??)

Stop by and add a line of literary brilliance (I know you have it in you) and see your name in (electronic) PRINT. Bonus!

Plus, we all love writing with Sharpies. Colored Sharpies. Ohhhh yeeeahhhh!


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