Collaborative Poem #2: The Round 62/Zoo Tunes

I am pleased to report that Collaborative Poem #2 was even more successful than #1. More people contributed to CollabTwo, and several people wrote whole stanzas. There were, however, far more non sequiturs in this edition: Cha-cha-ing pandas back up to men in black;  “night syrup”  precedes  butterflies;  a command to “be still” follows upbeat “picknicky deliciousness.”  The imagery shifts constantly throughout:  from general to specific, from pedestrian to divine, from lighthearted to brooding.  Though CollabOne was a more cohesive piece overall, CollabTwo was a ton more fun.  

A few highlights:

  • The mother with tiny baby in its Bjorn who recited her contribution to me while I scribed.
  • The (playfully) snarky reminder of one poet to a previous poet that it was in fact Sunday, not “one warm Saturday.”
  • The father who posted his son’s section on Facebook as we stood there (helped by my emailing him the iPhone photo I took of his son writing.)
  • The pit-spitting guy who inspired his friend to write “lackadaisical cherry pit drop”–one of my favorite lines. (It was a perfect description of the way he just let the pit ease its way out of his lips and fall to the ground. Though I was a little grossed out by his leaving slimy, spitty pits all over the grass around the tent where little kids were playing…)

All in all, an enjoyable day of literature-making! Without further ado (though I do LOVE ado), the poem:

Among meerkats and guitar chords,

the dogs lay panting

Southern screamers complete with claws

on Saturday, one warm Saturday

smiled the sun

with his friend the

cloud hiding close by

Cherry-stained children

Dancing on the lawn

It really is Sunday, the

music is nice, love the art.

Never to sway

Only obey to the rhythm’s love

of what’s above.


Swishy grass below,

Chunky clouds above.

lackadaisical cherry pit drop

smell the kettle corn

hear it pop

A summer’s night syrup and flow

We watch ebb and drift, fleet and go.

I like red but the butterflies

liker challenge it to get me to eat

the iguanas feet.

Fortunately, it will not be…But the round

the round forever will sound, even amongst

the animals. Even in a zoo. Yip-Yip-Yippydo!

Like the endless parades

of circus-colored days

We lie here in this maze

called life


To we have paintings

We have good days

and bad days

We have lucky days

and not lucky days

Mommy days and

Sister days and

all are full of love!

This is a lucky day to be here

in the day of luck, and love

Picknicky deliciousness

be still + know

Pandas like to dance cha-cha-cha

When the man in the

black jacket comes

you will feel the wet

heat and the continuous

lamp will burn and die.

Small yet interesting.

But until then we will join the pandas

and teach them the electric slide

Warm Sunday, fun sun-day, gazing up at the sky

the smoke spiraling around and around, hiding

the shy, bashful moon that has risen early to watch

this day, until time comes to pair it with a

perfect night later on.

Can you dig it! Seekers!!


                By Diane Valach, Sheryl Forrester, Alicia, Margaret, Lana, Jacqueline Erbe, Lacey, Jordan, Natasha, Stacey, Jill, Francesca, Christy, Julianne, Finnie, Jake, Eddie, Andrea Vielma, Carol Vielma, Jesse Santillan

 Thank you to everyone who contributed!

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