Doing the ‘To Do’ List (via Mum Writes Books)

I completely agree! We talked about this in Writer’s Cramp class last week when we discussed what we ACTUALLY write on a daily basis. I have scores of beautiful notebooks, Moleskin and others, filled with grocery lists, trip confirmation numbers, overheard quotations, budgets, etc. etc. I used to journal, but I haven’t in years, yet a glance through these notebooks almost accomplishes the same record keeping as the journals: On this date, I went to Chicago. On this date, I was planning a party. I find them as fascinating as the syrupy scribbles that filled my high school and middle school aged years.

I love lists, and while frankly I rarely get around to acutally crossing an item off the list, I find joy in just making them. It’s like a brain dump.

Jo, I really enjoyed this post. Thank you!

Taylor Houston
Seattle, WA

Doing the 'To Do' List Does anyone else write endless lists?  I spend my life the damn things.  I can’t help it.  I’ve even just bought myself a new Moleskin notepad for jotting notes down on my next book, and instead of exciting plot ideas and cool character names, it’s already filling up with 'To Do' lists. The thing with obsessive list-writing is that I don’t find it particularly satisfying, even though on each list I always include something I’ve already achieved, … Read More

via Mum Writes Books


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