Reading for Thursday’s Class

This week, we will talk about writing plot. Please read the story “Blue Water Djinn” by Téa Obreht. (


Also, think about some of the best plots you have come across in fiction, nonfiction, movies, songs, plays, or other story-telling methods. How was the plot introduced? What were the twists and turns? Consider the way the story was told. For instance, was the plot subtle or clear? Were specific points in the plot (important points) revealed later in the story? What was the timing of the various reveals?  Think about the way the teller structured the details of the plot. How about sub-plots? Were they ultimately important? How did they affect the main arc of the action? In what ways does the teller create tension? How does the teller create resolution?

In your opinion, what makes a great plot–relatable storyline or something unusual? Is a great plot buried underneath pretty, imagery-rich prose? Or does it stand out right away? Do you need resolution or can you find satisfaction in a story well-told but that doesn’t necessarily end neatly?

We will talk about the reading and about what makes great plot. Again ,we will practice writing for a certain period of time in preparation for NaNoWriMo. However, as always, there will be ample opportunity for interesting discussion and writing whether you are novelling this November or not.

See you Thursday!!!


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