Looking for a new home for Writer’s Cramp

So I’ve been in PDX for three months now:
I’m totally equipped with all the things that would have made my class in Seattle so much easier, plus I have tons of ideas!!! All I need now is a place to hold my class. I’ve heard from a couple of potential students, and I thought I might have had a venue, but they are not calling me back.

I had a sweet deal with Fremont Abbey Arts Center…space in exchange for whatever donations my students brought in, and it’d be great to get something like that again. Also, I’d be willing to donate hours as a volunteer for whatever place will host me as I did at the Abbey.

Or, I’d be willing to rent a space outright if the price was right. I don’t want to ask a ton of money from my students. I’m not trying to make money, just provide a service and maybe get my gas paid for. This is for the joy of writing-I’m not out to pay my rent with this. But maybe I could help you pay yours?? (on your office, gallery, studio, community center, coffee shop, etc???)

A writing class might be a way to add a new dimension to whatever your organization has to offer. I’d be wiling to customize a class or two to your needs. Let’s talk. I got the ideas, all I need is the place to be once a week for a few hours to write with people and talk about writing.

So, Portland artists, writers, organizers, can you help me out??? I can’t wait to get Writer’s Cramp going again.


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