Student Writing

Our classes are awesome, and the writing produced is so amazing! We all wish we had a chance to read again what our fellow writers have written. I, personally, am amazed and impressed by the perspective each writer brings to a particular assignment or reading. Each person’s attempt to fulfill the “requirements” of a given writing exercise always yields results as unique and wonderful as the writers themselves.

Thus, I have asked them to log on and post some of their work, or send it to me. Here is what I have so far. Enjoy!

From Cam:

From 10.21.10-Word Choice, English-to-English translation exercise
Esquire magazine “Let x”
He has a reaction.
He tells her that he is starting a computer club.
They are together at the swings of their grade school, it is 1984, Monmouth, Illinois.
She laughs, and asks, “What do you know about computers?”
He stares at her shiny black perfect hair.
He feels humiliated that she laughed at him when he was trying to impress her.
She is the smartest 5th grader and will be the smartest 6th grader in their school.
She realizes he is humiliated and moves closer to him to make him feel better. He misinterprets this gesture and kicks her in the stomach.
He regrets kicking her. She cries. She doubles over and gasps for breath. He feels terrible. He should have told her he liked her, but what if she laughed at that too?
From 10.14.10-Point of View, Writing the same story from two different points of view (one writer writes a story with a particular POV, another writer re-writes same story with different POV)
Cam wrote:
My husband called at 4:30 pm on our anniversary to say he was coming to the condo to pick me up. I told him all I had to do was change and I would meet him outside. I quickly put on a dress and boots and threw the contents of my small day bag into an evening purse.
I took the stairs down two flights and exited a half of a block from the building entrance. As I approached the door I saw him standing at the call box and heard the sound of a phone ringing. I called out, “I’m here”. He turned and saw me, then pressed cancel on the keypad to hang up.
“I’m avoiding the stairs and elevators, I keep encountering that George”, I said, as we walked to the car.
“Good idea”, he said.
“Did you pay the moving fee?, I don’t want to give these people any reason to come after us.”
“Yes, and I sent a receipt to the landlord.”
“Good, thank you”, I said, as I got into the car.
In his living room one floor above the entrance to the building George picked up the phone that was next to the table near the open window where he was sitting…
John wrote:
Mary glanced at the clock on the mantle. It was exactly four-thirty and the old heirloom chimed to confirm it. Any minute now, her husband would call to bring Mary down from their condo and they would celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary at their favorite restaurant, Pacino’s. The phone rang at the last din of the clock and Mary told her husband that she was just finishing getting ready, and would meet him outside. She was excited, because they rarely could afford the time to go out. Running down what seemed like an endless flight of stairs, Mary finally escaped into the cool air and called out to Phil.
“I’m here!” she gasped.
“Why did you come out of the North door?” asked Phil.
“I was trying to avoid Tony”, she replied.
“Did you pay the moving fee?”
Phil was tired of her asking, but he took a breath and told her that he had.
“Thank you”, said Mary, relieved.
Inside the building that had become their most recent prison, George reached for this phone…
10.14.10-Dialogue, write a dialogue using 3 unidentified voices.
Hi, how are you?
Good, how are you doin’?
I’m fine; it looks like you’ve been busy.
Yeah, it’s really comin’ along.
Is anyone else attending?
I gotta run, we’re rushin’ to finish for the day.
No, it is just us. Were you here earlier this week?
No, this is my first time.
Well, let’s go in, you can see the tower from the inside. Watch your step going up the stairs.
Oh! It is beautiful, Oh my gosh! I love it!
It looks good doesn’t it?
Hey what do ya think?
It’s fabulous, it is so much bigger than I expected.
The space does feel good; we need to discuss the mode of vertical transportation to the reading ledge and up to the roof hatch.
It looks so tall; all I care about is that it is safe to get up there.
Since this is so prominent a space at the entrance of the house and so integral to pulling the adjacent spaces together, we are thinking that the ladder should be a sculptural element.
Are you thinking it will be one ladder from the entrance level to the top?
No way is one section of ladder gonna work here, it’s too far to climb. The ladder is gonna shake and you’re not gonna like it.
Can we lean a ladder to the angle it will be and see what it looks like?
Sure, see it is steep. Look how shaky it gets the higher I climb, and I’m not even half way up.
I do not like this. It looks too scary to me. What else can we do?
We’ve looked at cut sheets for fixed ladders with cages or fixed ladders with center posts that can be hooked onto with a carabiner attached to a harness.
I really don’t like how steep this is and a fixed ladder will feel even worse since it will be flat against the wall.
Hey, we gotta break it up, two ladders, leaning in opposite slants like stairs.
Is there anyway we can start the climb at the level of the second floor, rather than down here at mid-level?
Let’s go into the office and see if there is enough clearance to hang a door between the window and the wall.
Yes, that’s a good idea since the tower overlaps the house at bit at the office.
We did that after we had the property line surveyed and learned that we had to cut 7” from the width of the tower. That overlap will help us now; we can frame the opening in for a 27” wide door that will give enough clearance for trim.
What do you think about the ladder?
I will work up some ideas and send you PDF files to review.


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