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Get Descriptive with me & C. Dickens on @LitReactor

Cover of "Bleak House (Vintage Classics)&...

Cover of Bleak House (Vintage Classics)

It’s my new favorite holiday…NaNoWriMo Day! Today is the day to kick off that novel you’ve been rolling around in your head for, well, EVER.

To help you reach your word count, check out my latest post on Litreactor.com about writing desciptive scenes. There is a GREAT scene from Charles DickensBleak House that’s perfect for this cold, foggy November morning (in Portland, OR, at least). That should really get you inspired!

C.D. was a master of description and you can be, too. Enjoy the latest installment, and don’t forget to play along!



Get Cramped with LitReactor – NaNoWriMo Plot Generating Ideas

Wow, I am so excited to announce that my first column for LitReactor.com is now up and ready to read. If you are planning on participating in National Novel Writing Month this year, check out my slightly gory tips for plot generation using a variation on the Exquisite Corpse activity. [Insert maniacal laughter here]

These columns are written with reader participation in mind. Each will offer a writing exercise that you can do from home, the office, the coffee shop, the taxidermist, or secret evil laboratory. Post your ideas and writing activities in the comments so we can all read how ridiculously brilliant you are.  

More columns are coming up on Monday 10/17 and Tuesday 10/25. Stay tuned!

Here’s the link!


NO CLASS this week, but here’s your homework for 9/16

Class this week is cancelled, but in preparation for next week, we are reading “Fjord of Killary” by Kevin Barry

Next week we will talk about setting, practice writing (a lot) and take a look at NaNoWriMo founder Chris Baty’s book No Plot, No Problem.

Below is a rough schedule of class topics through November. These are subject to change, but are a rough guide to what we will be working on over the next few months.

9/16- Setting (“Fjord of Killary” reading)
9/23- Plot (No Plot, No Problem)
9/30- Character
10/7- Point of View/Narrator & Voice
10/14- Dialogue
10/21- Tone, Theme
10/28- Coherence/imagery
11/23-NO CLASS-Thanksgiving

Get Cramped for NaNoWriMo!

Writer’s Cramp is gearing up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) coming up in November. Our classes will focus on creative writing tricks for writing fiction. But, don’t stress if that’s not your thing. Class will still include the usual mix of grammatical tips, interesting writing prompts, and more.

I have signed up to write my own novel this fall (check me out on nanowrimo.org. My handle is “TaylorsWritersCramp” (look at all those possessives…very messy.) Be my writing buddy and help me motivate!

Please note: class is STILL scheduled to go forward every Thursday from 6:30-8PM at the Fremont Abbey. (I heard the class wasn’t showing up on the website anymore, but class is always on, even if it’s not at the Abbey.) If the café at the Abbey is unavailable, look for us across the street at Cafe Vita. We are easy to spot, as I have a stack of books with me and we are all writing.

Even if you don’ plan to write a novel this November, class should be rich with interesting writing topics to entertain and inspire you–character development, plot development, dialogue, description, vocabulary, and of course–grammar! As always, questions, requests, and inquiries are welcome: writerscramp1@gmail.com.